S.V.B.P Hospital & L.L.R.M Medical College Meerut

Why Donate Blood !

Why we need your blood ?
Blood cannot be manufactured and there is no Substitute for blood.
About every 1 minute someone is looking for blood in india.
Every year about 1 Lakh pregnant women are dying due to lack of blood.
Approximately 60%of adults are eligible to donate blood but only 5% do regularly.
About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood
It is estimated that about 85% of us will need a transfusion By the time we reach age 75.

Contact us


Dr. Sachin Kumar
Blood Bank Officer Incharge

Ph. : 0121-2604941


Email: bbo@bloodb

Dr. Vibhu Sahani
Superintendent in Chief, S.V.B.P. Hospital, Meerut

Ph. : 0121-2763647



Dr. K.K Gupta

Principal, LLRM Medical College

Ph. : 0121- 2760888

Email: drkkgupta

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